Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Neural Forced Speech - Highly Criminal Neuro-Framing

I founded this website as an intelligence abuse survivor experiencing grievous and highly criminal neuro-abuses.
I am experiencing:
* Forced speech - a neuro-abuse I've experienced as a form of framing
* Incredible abuse of my free will and sanctity of life
* Sanitization of senses, including almost any good meal or pleasant smell
* Sensory replacement/sensory substitution is occurring - e.g. meant to input negative tastes when eating (instead of good tastes)
* Criminal framing of myself has occurred - they have told me they will frame myself and my multimedia company (Universal Aspects) for completely fraudulent and highly grievous claims
* I am being ritually abused, while my abusers try to generate a false profile on me in reaction to the abuse
* I have witnessed the impersonation of U.S. Congress in my brain-computer interface experiences
* I have had my volition inverted mentally while criminal framing of my character has occurred to neural sources
* I have witnessed neuro-abuse forcing my speech directly into the surveillance of my abusers. They have indicated they will be able to destroy me for opposing their criminal conspiracy
* My free will has been violated monumentally with neuro-abuse
* My abusers say their neuro-abuse is perfectly legal under the laws they orchestrated through the U.S. government. Which would mean they have legal ability to destroy innocent individuals.
* I am being framed for the same crimes I have embarked on exposing
* Nazi ethos are behind the artificial intelligence I have witnessed
* I have witnessed neural propaganda about myself, with the criminal U.S. sources behind this taunting it in my face as if there is no justice in this country